Paper Snap

Super Neat - Zine #2

The theme for this edition of Super Neat is all about the goodies that people stuff their faces with. Limited edition of 50. Hand screen printed in two colours; cyan and neon orange on a 280gsm pure white paper stock. It is a mini concertina style zine and has a little hole in the top for easy hanging and displaying.

We thought it would be fun to write little descriptions of each character. See if you can spot who is who: 

The loony tennis player who eats a lucky hamburger before every match. The know-it-all academic who loves his twice daily milo and cookies. The grumpy old lady who only likes spiky food. The happy-go-lucky boy who believes in pizza heaven. Can you spot mister Louis CK the comedian? He likes to gulp down water while on stage. The scary teenage girl who eats just about anything and everything. The weird neighbour who always borrows one potato in exchange for a strawberry. The artist lady who went to Paris twenty years ago, for one day only to eat some cheese. The hungry guy who only eats broccoli smoothies. The cat-loving-vegan woman who has all her dead cats made into awesome costumes. The burly photographer who just came back from a trip to the North Pole. The favourite uncle who buys you boerewors rolls at the rugby.

Photos by Eben du Plessis