Paper Snap

Have a Stellar Year - 2016 Calendar

This calendar features a catalogue of cool space gear.

We designed it as a self-promo gift to deliver to companies we have worked with as well as potential clients.

The idea behind the space gear guide is that we believe you will soar and reach new heights in 2016, and we want to prepare you for your new environment, so we illustrated this list of essential space gear.

The calendar is a 3 colour screen print on Mohawk.

Some of the space gear includes:

Futuristic Foods
Earth's best foods conveniently packaged for easy anti-gravity dining. Canned pizza! Bacon in a tube!

Ray Gun
Space can get pretty boring sometimes. This nifty zapper blast funny gifs on to any surface, providing endless fun.

Space Sweater
The special sweater your gran knitted you to remind you of home, and because it's really cold up there.

Send Senzo out to collect strange rocks. He also makes a mean latte.