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Our top 6 Podcasts


Podcasts are our top choice for background entertainment while working. We've spent many late nights screen printing, folding cards, hand binding books or finishing up logos in the company of a few really great podcasts.

Here's a list of the ones we love most.

99% Invisible

This tiny radio show, hosted by Roman Mars, is about the unseen activities behind the design of ordinary objects. It’s a design podcast that plays out more like a forensic investigation. Each episode is smart, totally original and fun. Even if you aren’t into design or architecture the fascinating stories that unfold will keep you hooked.

For me, design is the lens through which we can tell the story of humanity... That’s what I’m interested in. And in making the mundane world seem more wonderful somehow
— Roman Mars

99% invisible comes out weekly. Each episode is around the 20 minute mark, so they are really snappy and it’s so easy to binge on like 10 episodes in one go! It’s high up there on our must-listen list.

Each episode is different so no need to listen in any order. Here’s a few of our favourite episodes to get you started if you aren't already in love with the show:

The Sound of Sports 
Edge of Your Seat
Inflatable Men 

The Bugle

Hosted by Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver, The Bugle is a satirical podcast that is both thought-provoking and hilarious! Listening to this podcast is a great way to catch up on global political events, it is way more entertaining than the newspaper.

Some of the titles include: "Goodness Gracious G8 Balls Of Tennis", "Dancefloor Diplomacy" and "Turbo Russia". The titles alone are pretty funny and if you’re a fan of John Oliver’s brand of humour you’ll love this podcast.


If you enjoyed Serial, you’ll pretty much love criminal. Even if you didn't enjoy Serial, you’ll probably still love Criminal.

Criminal is a true crime show, but not the typical murder mystery we are used to. Criminal tells the stories of people who've have been falsely accused, obsessed investigators or curious unexplained happenings. Be warned, not all of the episodes have happy endings and you’re often left hanging...

The episodes are around 20 minutes and they aren't serialized, so you can catch the latest show and dig in to the archives later.

Here are some of our favourites:

Break the internet
He’s Neutral
The Buck Stops Here


StartUp is a highly addictive serialized podcast. Alex Blumberg documents what starting a real business is like. It’s totally transparent, all the ups and downs, all the painful moments and all of the excitement of starting a business is recorded.

This podcast is full of lessons for anyone trying to start their own business, its great motivation too because everyone involved is extremely likable. We especially like Alex’s wife.

Each episode focuses on a key moments of starting a business, like pitching and idea, finding a partner, etc. The business (Gimlet Media) grows as the show progresses, so as a listener it feels like you are part of the adventure.

In Alex’s own words it’s the “origin story that we never get to hear.”

Reply All

Reply all is about the internet, that sounds pretty techie, but the show really isn't.

The internet is full of memes, new ideas, interesting characters and fascinating stories. You really do want to know all about the guy who broke the internet or the guy who spends hours editing Wikipedia entries. Reply All covers all these untold stories that you really need to hear.

The storytelling is great and so are the guest interviews. It’s a lot like 99% Invisible.

As an extra bonus, this podcast has by far the coolest theme song and it's branding is pretty good too!

Check out these episodes:

The French Connection
The Secret, Gruesome Internet for Doctors
The Writing on the Wall

Song Exploder

If you love music as much as we do then this podcast is perfect for you. You get to listen to actual band members take apart their own songs and take you through the whole process of putting the song together.

The songs are broken down to their bare elements, so you get to the vocal track or the synth beat on its own. Each episode ends with the full song and you’ll appreciate it more knowing the whole story behind it.

A lot of our favourite bands and artists are featured in the podcast, but we've also discovered some new bands through the podcast, which is always a good thing!

Some of our favourites:

The Album Leaf
Jeff Beal

That's it for our list of favourite Podcasts. Please mention some of your favourites in the comments, we'd love to hear them.