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Birdies for Buhangija

Buhangija Orphanage in Shinyanga, Tanzania is a special orphanage that houses albino children and orphans. Buhangija offers the children protection from the vicious albino killings that take place in Tanzania everyday. The orphanage is in need of clothes, food and medicine supplies. Many people have stepped in and helped out this year, especially Telri's mom, Amanda. She has organised teachers, caregivers for the babies, classrooms, bedding, food, clothes, medicine and shade, which is vital for these children.

Amanda also makes toys for the children from recycled products and for Christmas 2014 she managed to throw a big Christmas party. There was dancing, sweets, food and a small gift for each child.

Currently there are 32 very young kids and babies under the age of 3 and we would like to raise funds to buy toys, art supplies and musical instruments for these kids. The way you can help is by buying one of the birdie paintings we have made especially to raise funds. Each birdie is hand painted with gouache and ink on an A6 artist paper. They are all originals and cost R200 each (excluding postage). If you would like to purchase one email us and let us know which number you would like.

Use above slideshow to see all the birdies. Please note some birdies have already been purchased. See all the images below of the happy kids at Buhangija. 


All images of Buhangija provided by the group 'Friends of Buhangija'. 

All the goodies we bought with the money donated for the birdies! The goodies include watercolour sets, markers, crayons, colouring pencils, coloured pens, lots of coloured papers, colouring books, drawing books, glue sticks, scissors, glitter, erasers, sharpeners, sidewalk chalk, cellotape, music rattles, tamborines, little arm wristband bells, puzzles, toy cars, dvds and a little table tennis set. The Atelier at 44 Stanley also donated some amazing lino print equipment for the older kids to use!

Thank you to everyone who contributed! The kids will love all their new goodies.