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Birdies for Buhangija (Shade) - Round 2


This is the second round of a charity project to help the children of Buhangija. Buhangija is an orphanage and safe house in Shiyanga, Tanzania who protects children with albinism. People and especially children with albinism suffer greatly in Tanzania and have an on-going struggle to survive in a country where their body parts are used by witch doctors.

An institution named Shade has been helping the children of Buhangija, by providing pre-school lessons and a Teen Transitional Programme. They teach important life skills to the teenagers who will need to find employment and provide for themselves once they are 18. These kids have lived in isolation and have never cooked or shopped or learned how to take care of themselves. Luckily they now have Shade to help improve their futures. 

Please follow Shade on Facebook and see what the kids get up to.
Have a look at their website: and please click on that donate button. 


Birdies are A6 in size and painted in gouache on cotton based paper. They are little birdies of hope, so please consider buying one for you, your mum and your best friend. They make for unique presents. 

By buying a birdie you will help the  children of Buhangija receive a decent education and very necessary skills to help themselves in the outside world. Each birdie costs R400 and half of all proceeds will be donated to Shade. 


To buy a specific birdie mail: with your birdie number, if the birdie is still available we will supply you with an invoice. Let us know what delivery option you would like:
A: Delivery within Johannesburg is R50.
B: Shipping for the rest of South Africa will be R99 with Postnet (the Postnet to Postnet service).
C: If you would like to pick your birdie up, we are based in Parkwood, Johannesburg. 

If you have any questions, just send us a mail:
Follow the link to see the previous batch of Birdies for Buhangija.
Birdies that are sold have a (SOLD) after their numbers and names.

Thank you for all contributions! 

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